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Do you have £100 or £1,000,000 to invest? 

We are a property investment company that strategically sources a wide range of property opportunities including land, buy-to-sell and buy-to-let investments, high yield property such as hotels and commercial units for clients looking for income producing or high ROI investments.

We are approachable and we enjoy sharing our expert knowledge to help you take empowering decisions with confidence and ease.

Our property investment specialists have been in business for at least a decade and have a wealth of information to share, whether you’re a first time investor or a property connoisseur.

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Become a member of our investor community!

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The fastest growing property investment company in the UK

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Kay Bentley & Company has a network of over 30 agents and we are well connected with reputable developers and investors all across the UK and overseas who are keen to joint venture on UK property development projects.

Investors interested in joint venture property opportunities with UK developers can invest between 10 - 100% on a project with a 6 - 12 month term.

The returns on offer are up to 30% return on equity with security in the land or property project.

Developers seeking joint venture property partners with investment capital between £200,000 to £2,000,000 have experience in the industry and are supported by the Kay Bentley & Company team.

Overseas investors seeking to invest into the UK property development market can get started with a joint venture project.

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