Independent Property Business Owner (IPBO)

Independent Property Business Owner (IPBO) 

We present to you an opportunity to own a home based property business.

Where you don't have to worry about the large financial investment or risk that most entrepreneurs have to make.

You will learn how to run your own property business and become financially free, but most importantly, we will show you how to profit from property using 'other peoples money' and 'no money down' property investment strategies.

And you will be totally independent and in control of your own schedule and routine.

You will have the support of a highly experienced team, that will show you property investment systems and processes that are coherent with current property market trends.

When you start as an Independent Property Business Owner (IPBO), we will help get your business up and running.

As a disclaimer, please be advised that this is a 'business offer' and not a 'get rich quick scheme', therefore this offer is suitable only for highly motivated and committed individuals with a drive to succeed. 

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

What are the benefits?

  • Company registration and a professional website

  • A comprehensive marketing plan

  • Business email setup, email marketing sequences, brand and logo creation, database creation, social media marketing strategy etc

  • Implementation of Other Peoples Money (OPM) and No Money Down Property Strategies

  • An uncapped and unlimited earning potential

  • Ongoing 1-2-1 training sessions and personal development

  • Very low initial financial investment

  • Work from home or anywhere and set your own schedule - full time or part time

  • Control your own finances and become finacially free

  • You will learn how to be in control of your personal and business life 

  • You will stop trading your time for money but instead trade your skills for money

  • You will have no stock, no employees and no premises

  • You will outsource, automate and delegate most of your tasks

  • You will implement proven and tested property investment systems and processes

  • Take advantage of existing databases and guaranteed leads

  • Full support and guidance including a dedicated and experienced consultant

  • And lastly an in house CRM system among other benefits not listed

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

How does it work?

Initially, we will go through a number of consultations with you, in order for us to establish your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

A profile will then be created, based on your attributes, past work experience including qualifications.

We will then work with your profile to formulate a comprehensive and bespoke business plan to suit your interests and lifestyle needs.

Once complete, we will setup and register your company and instruct our partners to build a turnkey website for your business.  

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

What will I do as an Independent Property Business Owner (IPBO)?

Your business will simply offer clients on your database:

  • Estate Agency Services

  • Property Deal Sourcing Services

  • Land Agents

  • New Homes Sales Agents

  • Mortgage Advisor

  • Structural Warranty Packages

  • Bridging Finance Packages 

  • Interior Design/Home Staging Services

  • Joint Venture Property Investment Partner

  • And much more...

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

Get started now

What do I need to start today?

Becoming an Independent Property Business Owner (IPBO) and starting your business is easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Review the Terms and Conditions of the IPBO Application & Agreement, the Policies & Procedures and the Compensation Plan. These documents govern your relationship with Kay Bentley & Company so make sure that you understand them.

  • Complete the Application. To do so you need to have the following information available.

  • Your name and contact details

  • Details of the payment method that you plan to use to pay the Enrolment Fee.

  • Read, accept, sign and return the Terms and Conditions.

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

When can I start my IPBO business?

  • You can start your business as soon as you receive your welcome email from us. 

  • It normally takes less than 24 hours for us to set up your IPBO Account. 

  • Your confirmation email will contain copies of the Application & Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan.

  • You should save these documents for your records.

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

What does Kay Bentley & Company do with my personal data?

We understand that the protection of your personal data is important and we take care to ensure that it is kept safe and is used according to your wishes.

Please see our Privacy Policy to understand how Kay Bentley & Company collects, uses and protects your personal data.

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted)

What if I change my mind?

You have the right to withdraw from this Agreement without giving us a reason for 14 days after it is concluded.

This is called the "Withdrawal Period". To exercise your right of withdrawal you must inform us of your decision in writing before the Withdrawal Period expires by contacting Kay & Company by post or email.

You may use the Model Withdrawal Form sent with your confirmation email to advise us of your decision to withdraw but you are not required to do so.

If you withdraw Kay Bentley & Company will refund any payment received from you within 14 days from the date on which you inform us of your decision.

Kay Bentley & Company will refund you using the same means of payment that you used to pay us, unless you and us agree otherwise.

See the Terms & Conditions for more information.

Was £6,000 Now £4,000 (monthly instalments/payment plan accepted) 

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