Bridge Funding Referral Program

Bridge Funding Referral Program

Uncapped earning potential! 

As a bridge funding introducer your role is to find clients (property developers and investors) as part of our referral program and you get paid a referral fee on all successfully funded transactions.

For example, a scheme with a Gross Domestic Value (GDV) of £3,000,000 and a commission cap of 2% on every successfully funded transaction the commission payout will be £60,000.

To find out more get in touch with our team and we will be happy to explain how it works.

Become a Bridge Funding Introducer!

What does a Bridge Funding Introducer do?

Search and register clients who require development funding!

Client Searching

Search and register clients!

A Bridge Funding Introducer spends the day searching online and offline for property developers and investors who require funding for their schemes and existing portfolios.  

Kay Bentley and Company

Nationwide network of bridging introducers!

Once you find a client we will refer your client to our database of brokers to match their scheme with a suitable and competitive finance product . 

Client Searching

Build and grow a team!

As a Bridge Funding Introducer you can build your own team of agents who you can train how to search and register clients.

Become a Bridge Funding Introducer!

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Unlimited earning potential as a Bridge Funding Introducer.

Kay Bentley & Company has a network of over 30 agents who introduce development funding products to property developers and investors in UK.

Our Bridge Funding Introducer's are self-employed and work under a contractual agreement on a commission basis.

For further information please get in touch and we be happy to explain how it works.

Become a Bridge Funding Introducer!

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